I provide organization services to people wishing to create peace and serenity in their living spaces. My services range from organizing any room in a house, garage or apartment to preparing a home for sale or a home remodeling project.

The process of organization begins with a free consultation.  This is where we determine your organizational needs and your lifestyle habits.  I am a firm believer that the organization has to work for the way you live your life.  I can make it as cute as you would like, however if the organization does not flow with the way you live your life, you’ve wasted your money!

My goal is to make you feel comfortable and free of judgment when I come into your home. I aim to reuse the organization systems you already have. However, there will be situations when new storage containers are needed to to fit the space.

Home Organizing

Whether organizing a kitchen, bathroom, playroom or garage, I use the Six Sigma Lean ‘Five S’ process. This is a systematic approach that we will work together to organize your space.

The ‘FIVE S’ Process:  

  • Sort - toss, donate, keep, store or sell

  • Shine - deep clean the emptied space

  • Standardize - select containers for use in the space and label. I try to reuse your existing storage systems

  • Set - place the keep items back in the space in an organized manner that fits your lifestyle

  • Sustain - establish processes that will allow you and those who live with you maintain the newly organized space

Home Sale Preparation

Where to begin???

Let me take some of the stress away by helping you organize and stage your house so you can get the best price. It’s important to show off your home’s assets and help the buyer see themself in your home. If there’s yellow paint on the walls and the buyer hates yellow paint; most see yellow paint and walk out.   I can be the extra hands and eyes to help you achieve your goals.

I will come into your home and assess each room for clutter, paint color, furniture, flooring, window treatments and wall hangings and create a plan. Using our agreed upon plan, I will use the lean ‘Five S’ process to execute the plan. Once the rooms are complete, I will stage the rooms for sale.

Home Remodel

During the organization process, you may find that to be more efficient in your space, some remodeling needs to be done.  I have assisted in many remodels and confident together we can design your dream space. With my network of contractors and handy-people, we can make your dream space into your haven!

Organization Plan

Are you a Do-It-Yourself-er and just need a plan to get you started? I can help you design a plan and a process to get you organized and help you stay organized. You execute the plan, but if you need a hand, I’m here to help.

Free Consultation

I will come into your home for a free consultation to determine your organizing needs and lifestyle habits. Working with you and taking your habits into consideration, I will devise a plan on how to get and stay organized. Be assured that I will not judge your situation. You are taking the first step towards organization and peace in your home. The free consult may take up to 1 hour.